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API Log analytics

Atatus, a performance monitoring solution, detects issues in your application and enables you to resolve them as they occur, ensuring that your customer experience is at its highest potential. We focus on providing API log events by continuously monitoring all APIs, allowing you to quickly diagnose and fix API issues.

Inspect requests for your application

Explore how to utilize Log Analytics and the insights it delivers

API Log aggregates

API Log aggregates

  • Check-circle Icon Logging API events allows you to dive into all of your application's requests and responses.
  • Check-circle Icon Gain more insight to see which user did what, and then replay the request as a cURL call.
  • Check-circle Icon Filter your API by various fields such as request and response headers, body, method, user, and much more.
Persuasive API error troubleshooting

Persuasive API error troubleshooting

  • Check-circle Icon Optimize your application progressively so that you can capture and revert back useful information to your clients and customers.
  • Check-circle Icon Fetch and save all of your API requests in one place so that you can easily troubleshoot any errors that come up in your application.
Accurate API Metrics

Accurate API Metrics

  • Check-circle Icon API logs are compiled on a regular basis, and you will gain real-time visibility into how your API fulfills, if something is performing as intended or not, and perhaps more information from the logs.
  • Check-circle Icon Experience complete visibility into your IT infrastructure, along with systems, applications, servers, and other components.
  • Check-circle Icon With this information, you can seamlessly monitor and manage all API calls, as well as boost your app.

We needed application monitoring (APM and client side) for some of our internal applications and have finally been able to check all the boxes with Atatus at an affordable price. Easy to deploy and configure, immediately valuable and detailed metrics, and bonus--no extra charges for integrations, 2FA, and SSO. Wins all around.

Whitney C
Whitney C Lead Architect

Logs Monitoring for your API

Atatus, a performance monitoring solution reveals the issues in your app and helps you resolve them at the time they occur, keeping your customer experience at the top.