Atatus enables teams to respond quickly and automatically to any degradation in the customer experience. Continue to monitor your services for performance bottlenecks using application monitoring. We provide a complete and real-time view of the status of production applications, services, and infrastructure.

Define DevOps processes

Establish stronger stability, and innovate more quickly

Persistent Monitoring in DevOps

Persistent Monitoring in DevOps

  • Check-circle Icon Feature continuous monitoring to observe and diagnose compliance issues and security threats throughout the DevOps pipeline.
  • Check-circle Icon The development team gets notified of errors that occur on your production server.
Assess reliability and system health

Assess reliability and system health

  • Check-circle Icon Maintain track of the overall system's dependability, quality, and health. Atatus provides detailed insights such as the uptime and downtime of your servers or hosts; utilization of CPU, disc, and network; and so on.
  • Check-circle Icon You can also use infrastructure monitoring to determine if your application uses more CPU or disk than the specified threshold value.
Record frequent code changes

Record frequent code changes

  • Check-circle Icon Keep track of every step you take in the consistent monitoring of your business application.
  • Check-circle Icon Find impacts on your app that occur due to code changes if they are not thoroughly tested.
  • Check-circle Icon Fetch insights by monitoring your deployments and notifying you if any errors occur in your app while making changes.

We needed application monitoring (APM and client side) for some of our internal applications and have finally been able to check all the boxes with Atatus at an affordable price. Easy to deploy and configure, immediately valuable and detailed metrics, and bonus--no extra charges for integrations, 2FA, and SSO. Wins all around.

Whitney C
Whitney C Lead Architect

Track frequent code changes

Code changes may affect your app if is not properly tested. We provide insights by tracking your deployments and alert you if there is any error occurs in your app while making changes.