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Website Monitoring

Get all time accessible web applications and an unified end-user experience. Monitor you website for the early detection of performance issues, generates root cause analysis, and the discovery of site optimization opportunities.

Ensure consistent website availability

Establish stronger stability, and innovate more quickly

Understand website performance at a glance

Understand website performance at a glance

  • Check-circle Icon Check all Multi step API in API endpoints of your application and detect potential problems with ultimate application performance.
  • Check-circle Icon Generate new variables, entrance previously saved variables, and redo initially captured data at any phase or circumstance.
Prevent downtime with website monitoring

Prevent downtime with website monitoring

  • Check-circle Icon Plugin uptime monitoring to record of the amount of time your website is working effectively.
  • Check-circle Icon Automatically receive email notifications when your site goes down.
Gain status of your web scripts and transactions

Gain status of your web scripts and transactions

  • Check-circle Icon Configure monitoring without rerecord the transaction with a recorder.
  • Check-circle Icon Detect HTML element attribute level changes and automatically update your captured scripts.

We needed application monitoring (APM and client side) for some of our internal applications and have finally been able to check all the boxes with Atatus at an affordable price. Easy to deploy and configure, immediately valuable and detailed metrics, and bonus--no extra charges for integrations, 2FA, and SSO. Wins all around.

Whitney C
Whitney C Lead Architect

Monitor your website 24x7 using Synthetic Monitoring

We provide full-stack monitoring with actionable, real-time insights to diagnose and fix your web and backend apps. Find performance bottlenecks using unified monitoring and start optimizing your app to deliver the best digital experience to your users.